Juror Notification

Are your jurors instructed to call in every evening to find out if they are to arrive the next day?

How many jurors must you select for a trial to get the number of jurors you need? Is it difficult to notify jurors of a cancelled trial or closure because of inclement weather or other calamity? Would you consider a product that would make your job a lot easier and increase the amount of jurors that show up?

Juror Calling is made specifically for court clerks. It is an easy and affordable way to take away the confusion of miscommunication and communicates important messages in a timely fashion.

Juror Calling is indispensable for last minute notification of bad weather, trial cancellation, dismissal and rescheduling. Also, a detailed report is provided showing the progress of each voice messages, email and text messages. Jurors appreciate the timely notifications/reminders, Judges marvel at the numbers of jurors that arrive for trials and court clerks rave about the convenience. Messages go out within minutes after you launch the notification or can be scheduled for a later time or day. It ensures that everyone gets the same message.

A one-time set up and training fee plus a monthly fee depending on the size of your county is all you need to get started. A professional support staff will be available during your startup process and continues through your day by day operation.