Our Story

In 1975 Robert "Butch" Evans, President and CEO of Software Computer Group, returned to West Virginia to work as a programmer for Union Carbide Corporation. During his tenure with Union Carbide he worked in the evening as a computer programmer for various companies in the Kanawha Valley. In 1981, he began working with the WV Court Systems. Soon afterwards he retired from Union Carbide and dedicated his full efforts in developing a new Magistrate Court Case Management System for the West Virginian Supreme Court.

In 1985, he incorporated his enterprise in the State of West Virginia as Software Computer Group, Incorporated (SWCG). After development and installation of the 55 WV Magistrate Courts, his company was charted to develop a Circuit Court Case Management System for the West Virginia Court System. After several years of business and being fortunate to hire extremely talented employees, the company was presented the opportunity to partner with an out of state firm to develop and market emergency notification systems for 911 centers and universities. This automated telephony industry provided SWCG the opportunity to acquire knowledge of an industry that was quite unique.

As a result of their experience with Court Case Management and Notification Systems, SWCG began developing web based notification applications unique to the needs of the legal industry. After developing an automated Victim Calling System for Prosecuting Attorneys, SWCG recognized the need for Circuit Clerks contacting their jurors about trials.

Several other opportunities and more staff resulted in segregating their business based on industry. Thus, the evolution of SlingShot Technology, a dba of SWCG. SlingShot is charted to develop, market, sale and support notification products. A well organized and dedicated staff has been chartered to take Juror Calling to a National Level.

Mr. Robert P. Butch Evans - President

Butch has over 35 years of systems analysis, programming and business development experience. His company, Software Computer Group, Incorporated, a West Virginia Corporation, has been providing expertise in applying technology to the access, analysis and use of information since 1975.

His mission has been to enhance the work experience to business and governmental sectors. Butch has been involved in the development, deployment and ongoing support of software systems in the chemical, medical, wholesale foods, accounting, legal, judicial, rapid notification and education industries.