Client Testimonials


"Juror Calling is easy to use, it takes the burden off the Juror to call in as to when to report, it is much more efficient and effective than the old method, I do not have to pull an excessive number of jurors now, because I typically have 99% attendance, It is indispensable for last minute notifications when we have bad weather, trial cancellation, dismissal and rescheduling"

Mr. Paul Flanagan
Circuit Clerk at Raleigh County Circuit Court

"Juror Calling, has made communicating with jurors easier. Juror Calling has raised the bar to a new level of quick communication. I am very satisfied with Juror Calling, and the great support that they provide!"

Bruce DeWees
Circuit Clerk of Jackson County

"I like having the report to show that all of the notifications sent and who responded and who responded to them. There is a 97-98% appearance rate of jurors, which is remarkable. Text messaging is great. I like being able to reach the site from my home computer. I like the technology."

Margaret Bryant
Deputy Clerk, Mercer County Circuit Court

"It greatly reduces the amount of calls that we receive from Jurors"

Ms. Debbie Facemire,
Circuit Clerk, Nicholas County WV