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What is Juror Calling?

Juror Calling is made specifically for court clerks. It is an easy and affordable way to take away the confusion of miscommunication and communicates important messages to jurors in a timely fashion. The Juror Notification software can call, text, and email your jurors, this cloud based system is able to notify a juror pool of cancellations, changed court times, and send reminders of upcoming court dates and times.

Juror Calling is indispensable tool for last minute notification of bad weather, trial cancellation, dismissal, and rescheduling. After the notification is completed, a detailed report is provided that reflects the contact results of each juror.  Jurors appreciate the timely notifications/reminders, Judges marvel at the number of jurors that arrive for trials, and our customers rave about how easy it is to create and send notifications.  Messages go out within minutes after you launch the notification or can be scheduled for a later time or day. It ensures that everyone gets the same message.

Recent Testimonials

Juror Calling is made specifically for court clerks. It is an easy and affordable way to take away the confusion of miscommunication and communicates important messages in a timely fashion.

Juror Calling, has made communicating with jurors easier. Juror Calling has raised the bar to a new level of quick communication. I am very satisfied with Juror Calling, and the great support that they provide!

Bruce DeWees, Circuit Clerk of Jackson County

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Streamlined Juror Communication

At Juror Calling, we focus on providing court clerks with an automated jury information system that makes communicating with jurors straightforward and efficient. Our system enables the delivery of jury duty text notifications, calls, and emails to various devices, ensuring that jurors receive crucial information regarding trial schedules, cancellations, and any urgent updates. This juror notification software is designed to easily handle communication needs, ensuring no juror is uninformed. By automating the process, clerks can focus more on other essential duties, trusting our reliable system to handle the outreach.

Our platform supports multiple communication channels, including home phones, work phones, cell phones, jury duty text messages, and emails. This versatility ensures that each juror can receive messages through their preferred method of contact, enhancing the effectiveness of the communication. Our software is tailored to meet the specific needs of the judicial system, providing a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training. Clerks can quickly adapt to using the tool, ensuring the transition to digital notifications is smooth and stress-free.

Reliable Notification Delivery and Detailed Reporting

Our juror notification software is crucial for maintaining effective communication within the court system. It allows court clerks the flexibility to schedule messages for future delivery or send immediate updates in case of unexpected changes. After notifications are sent, the software provides detailed reports tracking each message’s delivery and receipt, ensuring all jurors are adequately informed and supporting the auditing of court communication efforts.

These reports also offer insights into how jurors interact with the messages they receive, which assists in refining future communication strategies to increase their effectiveness. Understanding juror responsiveness patterns enables clerks to tailor notifications to meet their audience’s needs, enhancing the judicial process’s efficiency and communication standards.

Comprehensive Jury Management Tools

Our jury solutions application simplifies managing a juror pool. It addresses every aspect of juror communication, from initial summonses to urgent updates about trial cancellations. The intuitive design makes it accessible to users of all technical skill levels, ensuring that managing juror notifications is straightforward and does not require extensive training.

This application not only simplifies communication but also helps improve juror preparedness. By consistently informing jurors about their schedule, location, and any necessary preparations, the system helps reduce no-shows and last-minute issues. This clear communication benefits jurors and enhances court operations, leading to more efficient resource use.

Effective Juror Notifications Enhance Court Operations

Keeping jurors well-informed is key to ensuring smooth court operations. Our system delivers jury duty text messages, calls, and emails that keep jurors up-to-date with their duties and any changes to their schedules. This constant stream of information helps jurors stay prepared and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings or missed appearances, which can delay court proceedings and increase costs.

Judges and court staff greatly value the reliability and effectiveness of our notification system. The ability to quickly disseminate information and confirm receipt helps maintain the rhythm of court operations, ensuring that trials can proceed as planned without unnecessary delays. By providing a dependable way to communicate with jurors, Juror Calling helps enhance the judicial process, making it more efficient and respectful of everyone’s time.

Affordable and User-Friendly Jury Management

Our jury solutions application offers an affordable and efficient communication solution without sacrificing quality or functionality. The straightforward setup and ease of use make our system ideal for any court system size, streamlining communication, saving time, and reducing the need for manual processes.

The software’s user-friendly nature ensures it can be quickly adopted by new users, minimizing the learning curve and facilitating a seamless transition to automated notifications. Robust customer support promptly addresses questions or issues, ensuring continuous and effective communication with jurors.

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