6 Amazing Benefits of Jury Duty

Most people cringe when they get summoned for jury duty, but 67% of American adults still think jury duty is part of being a good citizen. While it’s important to give back to your country, the personal benefits of jury duty might be harder to see. There might be things you’d rather do than serve on a jury, but we want to put a positive spin on jury duty and show you how it can actually benefit you.

Learn About the System

Knowledge is power, and unless you went to school for something law related, your understanding of the legal system is pretty limited. Through jury duty, you get a first-hand experience of how the judicial system in your country works.

Not only can you benefit just from the learning process, but if you ever end up in court yourself, you’ll better understand how to speak with attorneys and judges, how to behave, and the documentation you’ll need for your case.

Meet New People

By nature, juries are diverse, which gives you the chance to meet and converse with a mix of people. No matter where you live, you probably don’t spend a considerable chunk of your time in a room with people who are very different from you, but whether it’s in the juror waiting room or as part of your jury group, you have the opportunity to do so.

If your jury sentence is a lengthy one, even if it’s only a few days, you might just walk away with some new friends.

A Sense of Authority and Empowerment

When it comes to jury duty, hard work pays off. After you’ve put in the effort to listen to the case, and it’s time for the verdict you’ll benefit from the adrenaline rush that comes with being a part of the final decision.

Not only will you have a sense of authority and empowerment, but you’ll also feel successful and accomplished. The verdict conversation is usually insightful, thought-provoking, and deeply contemplative.

A Break From Work

Unless you absolutely adore your job, you could probably use a break. Most people are reluctant to take breaks because they want to look good to bosses, stay on top of work, and not lose out on pay.

But with jury duty, you’re given a valid excuse to take a break. If you’re fortunate enough, your job will pay you for time missed because of jury duty. And if you’re not, you get to take a break from work while still making some money, albeit a small amount, and learning something new, and how often does that opportunity arise?

Check Some Items off Your Personal To Do List

Once you’re assigned to a case and acting as a juror, you’ll need to give your undivided attention, but before that happens, you’ll likely experience a lot of waiting around. While it’s easy to see this as a negative, look for the silver lining.

This time can be spent reading, listening to podcasts, catching up on your favorite Netflix series, or any other activity you’ve been to busy to enjoy.

If you’re a freelance worker, or if your job gives you the option to do some work remotely while you’re off for jury duty, then your time spent in the waiting room can be a golden ticket. You can take advantage of this time by getting work done in a quiet place, and getting paid from your work and from jury duty too.

You Can Make a Difference

Perhaps the most significant benefit of jury duty is that you have the chance to make a difference. Through your role as a juror, you can bring fairness and justice to the world, and make a big difference in the lives of others.

So next time you get a summons, try to remember this article and let the benefits of jury duty shift your perspective. While you do your part to ensure justice, Juror Calling will be working to make juror notification a smooth and effective process.

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