Common FAQ’s about Juror Calling

Have some questions about Juror Calling? Want to know more about our software application?

Need to know the details on how Juror Calling will increase your juror attendance? We’ve made a handy FAQ’s page to answer these questions and more? If you still have additional questions or want to learn how you can implement this system, contact us today and we’ll get you on your way to increasing your juror attendance!

No, our software only provides notifications to your jurors. We can easily integrate with your current Jury management system.

No, just a juror data file in electronic form and the ability to attach to the internet using a browser.

It is a notification system that can send out phone calls to landlines, cellular devices, emails, and text messages.

No, it is extracted from your computerized juror management data.

Have the juror include the information on the questionnaire that is mailed to the juror. When they come in for juror orientation make sure they provide the staff all their contact information. Provide the juror with your caller id and how you intend to send information.

After extracting the juror’s contact information from your electronic data file a CSV file is uploaded to the Juror Notification website. After logging into the website you compose your message and then launch the notification.

The initial set up and training is a one time five hundred ($500) fee. The monthly fee varies by size of your court.

Your computer must have adobe flash, JavaScript and the ability to connect to the internet using one of the many available browsers such as Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Google Chrome, etc.

From your jury management system or any electronic data depository.

It is proven to increase juror attendance. Your staff, jurors, and judges find it easy to understand.

After uploading the juror data to the web server you can send notifications from any computer that has the ability to attach to the internet. They only need your assigned user id and password.

Phone, chat and email support are available during normal working hours.

You have the ability to schedule the date and time you desire the notification to be sent.

There is no charge for each call, text or email. The notification to the devices is unlimited.

A summary and detail report is created for each notification. It will show you each attempted contact with success, failed, and still trying to contact.