Fantastic Features of Automated Calling Systems You Absolutely Want

Are you thinking of investing in an automated calling system?

Here are some fantastic features you should definitely have with your automated call system. 

  • Personalized Caller IDs – Once you’ve confirmed a legitimate phone number, you should have the capability to customize your caller ID, ensuring your jurors are informed about the caller’s identity prior to answering.  
  • Court Greetings – Greet each caller with a personalized message with your court’s name.
  • Mass Voice Message Distribution – Utilizing dialing systems, court clerks can initiate bulk calls to an entire roster of contacts (jurors).
  • Call Scheduling – Juror clerks should have the capability to schedule notifications in advance.
  • Voicemail Recognition – When an answering machine or voicemail service answers a call, an automated calling system will play back the message after the beep.
  • Text Messaging Capability – The system should be equipped to dispatch a text message to the designated juror.
  • Real-time Reporting – An active report containing real-time updates of the success, failures, and how the messages were delivered.
  • Location – Juror Clerks should have the capability to create and send notifications from home or other locations outside the office.  

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Kate Evans, customer service representative for Juror Calling

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