Juror Calling provides multiple benefits for Ohio County Circuit Clerk’s Office

The West Virginia Ohio County Circuit Clerk’s office manages the county’s population of 42,000 in the state’s northern panhandle.  This office is the official record keeper for the Circuit and Family courts and creates and manages jury panels for Magistrate, Circuit, and Municipal Courts.  

Obtaining an adequate number of jurors to complete a jury panel posed a significate challenge. Inadequate attendance hindered a trial’s advancement. Before Ohio Co. Circuit Clerk’s office implemented their notification system, they contacted each juror by phone and spoke with the juror and/or left a voice mail about upcoming dates and times. This was time consuming, and they needed a more efficient method of contacting jurors. 


After implementing Juror Calling, they had the capability to notify all jurors on the panel about their dates and times for jury duty appearances with phone calls, text messages, and/or emails with the same message to every juror. After all jurors had been contacted a report was generated noting who was and was not contacted.  

Brenda stated that “the system is very easy to use, training was minimal, and the support has been outstanding” She also said, “that Juror Calling surpassed their original goal of attendance with other benefits”. 

Ohio County WV Courthouse

Courthouse Ohio County West Virginia

Northern Panhandle

Northern Panhandle West Virginia

Total Benefits

1.    Attendance Rate Before Juror Calling – 70% 

       Attendance Rate After Juror Calling    – 98%

2.   Reduced court expenses.

    a. After streamlining the jury notification process, it eliminated the need for staff personnel to call each        juror informing them of trial dates and times. 

    b. Eliminated payments to jurors who inadvertently showed up for a trial that had been cancelled the            evening before. 

3.  They have a notification report to substantiate what jurors were contacted.   

They received favorable feedback from jurors who appreciated the reminder calls and text messages. The judges and attorneys were happy to have enough jurors to litigate. 

Juror Calling has proven to be a time-saving solution by eliminating the time staff had to spend on the phone reminding jurors of dates and times to appear. In fact, the court savings have exceeded the cost of the system.  

Would you like to increase your attendance to 95 % for a system that costs the court zero dollars?  Contact us today for a no-nonsense discussion to see if Juror Calling can benefit your court.  There is an annual fee, but the savings far outweigh the cost. 

Thanks to Ohio County’s Circuit Clerk, Ms. Brenda Miller, for providing the information to create this case study. Brenda has 25 years of experience with the Ohio Circuit Court.

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