Jury Consultant Career Profile – Looking for a New Career?

From: Balance Careers 

By: Sally Kane

Looking for an interesting and rewarding career?

Ever think about becoming a true specialist?

Do you like court-room work, but being a lawyer is not appealing?

The market is good for juror consultant and this article by Balanced Careers, has some solid advice on becoming a Juror Consultant.

Lawyers don’t leave the outcomes of high-profile and high-stakes jury trials to gut instinct and chance. They rely on jury consultants who are human behavior experts, helping attorneys research and select jurors and provide insight into juror behavior. Jury consultants are used in both criminal trials and in complex civil litigation.

Jury consultants possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, but a master’s degree or Ph.D. in behavioral science, sociology, political science, criminology, psychology or another social science is usually preferred. An additional degree in law is helpful but not mandatory. Jury consultants are hired for their intuition and their knowledge of human behavior, not their legal expertise.

Jury consultants are integral to the legal process even before a trial begins. They research the jurors’ backgrounds, create juror profiles and assist with jury selection and voir dire — the questioning of prospective jurors. Jury consultants may conduct focus groups and mock trials. They also conduct pretrial research, gather and analyze demographic data, perform statistical analyses and draft analytic reports.

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