Recapping the NACM Annual Conference

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NACA logoRecapping the NACM conference.

The NACM Annual Conference, “Mind the Gap” focused on the practical application of mindfulness to anticipate and respond to gaps in addressing issues facing the courts. Being mindful of these gaps can help court leaders identify ways in which we can improve our judicial system. Courts have direct impact on individuals and societal trends directly influence the work of the court system. Court leaders, therefore, look to consciously address gaps by improving business processes, optimizing resources, building a superior workforce, and providing exceptional services. Evidence supports that conscious awareness increases employee engagement and allows for sounder decision making so that court leaders can engage in the development of programs, services, and activities that meet the growing demands placed upon the court while upholding the rule of law and maintaining public trust and confidence.

The sessions were, in our opinion, very engaging. We learned a lot.

As for the exhibit hall, we meet many court administrators and clerks from all over the United States. And had such a plethora of meaningful conservations about our services. It seems to be an issue with getting jurors to attend to their responsibilities.

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