What’s it like to be a juror on a high-profile case?

From: Boston 25 News

There were two high profile trials are dominating the news in Massachusetts in 2015. Former Patriot player Aaron Hernandez and accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Here is some insight into how the jurors were felt.

Selecting the jury is an intense process, as we have seen with both of these cases, but serving on a jury rivals that for the jurors, who are inundated with graphic testimony and images.

FOX 25 decided to talk to some local jurors who served on some high profile cases around the area, to see what these jurors will have to deal with during the trial, and after it’s all over.

High profile local trials, seared in our minds, and our criminal history.

Neil Entwistle killed his wife Rachel and their baby Lillian Rose. Nate Fujita is a young man who brutally took the life of his beautiful girlfriend Lauren Astley. And James “Whitey” Bulger is the notorious mobster who was convicted of racketeering, involved in 11 murders.

The defendant always takes center stage during trial, but it’s the people we don’t usually see, the ones who are serving the highest duty of citizenship who are so critical to the process.

But at what cost?

FOX 25’s Maria Stephanos spoke with four jurors. When you talk with these people you realize how these trials have had a profound affect on their life.

It’s changed it forever.

“Sleeping was difficult. I just couldn’t get this thing off my mind,” said Michael Doherty, the jury foreman for Fujita’s trial.

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